Pelkey, Leslie A. – 4th Armored Division

Born on October 3, 1913 in Hammersley Fork, Clinton County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Passed away on February 13, 1972.

Drafted on 14 December 1943 (Altoona Pennsylvania).

Army Service Number: 33767199

Leslie Pelkey was assigned to C Company of the 10th Armored Infantry Battalion (commanded by Major West) of the Fourth Armored Division on July 21, 1944. With this unit, he went through the campaigns in Western Europe. At the end of the war (or near the end), Staff Sergeant Pelkey was transferred to A Company, 18th Armored Infantry Battalion of the 16th Armored Division.

C Company was part of Task Force Ezell which reached Bastogne on December 20, 1944 but was immediately withdrawn before the Germans encircled the town completely.

The company was also heavily involved in the two battles for Chaumont (December 23 & 25, 1944). Leslie Pelkey got wounded there, but refused to be evacuated.

Special thanks to Dan Edder for providing photos and additional information.