LAFONTAINE Leon, Lutremange

Testimonies collected in 1993 and 1994 by Patricia Lemaire and Robert Fergloute. Published with permission of Patricia Lemaire.

Testimony of Leon Lafontaine, civilian, 7 years old in 1944.

Driven out by the Germans, we take refuge in the woods. But the slope is exposed to American fire. We pass on the other side, on the Betlange side. We will occupy the same trench as the Forman family. The horse of which Emile speaks belonged to my father (see story of Emile Forman).

The area on a 1943-dated map.

When a German patrol discovers us, it escorts us to the Grand Duchy (Tarchamps, Doncols). A terrible fear takes hold of us. We walk as a family in order to die together. We suffer deprivation. We kids are going to rummage through German corpses, looking for food. We find bread, already moldy, but we eat it greedily. We drink water from the stream which smells of phosphorus. Unforgettable moments for a 7 year old kid.

German KIA in a ditch. Photo: US Signal Corps, Langlir, Belgium, Jan. 13, 1945.

Auguste Forman, a young man of 26, was shot by the Germans.
Returning home, he was arrested as he joined his parents who were tending the cattle.