Kieley, Leonard H. – 4th Armored Division

Born on September 21, 1919, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.

Passed away on August 15, 2020, Salem, Massachusetts, USA.

Army Service Number: 31041490.

(Photo: Leonard Kieley in 1948.)

Leonard Kieley was a Corporal in the Army Engineers and graduated at Officer Candidate School in Fort Knox on October 1942. As a Lieutenant, he was in command of A Company, 8th Tank Battalion, 4th Armored Division.  Spent 20 odd years in the Army Reserves after WWII. He retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel. Len was married to Alice Kieley (McNaught) and had four children.

Lt. Kieley was with Task Froce Ezell which entered Bastogne on December 20, 1944, but was pulled back the same day. On December 23, 1944, A Company, 8th Tank Battalion moved over the northern ridge towards Chaumont. Armored Infantrymen, riding on the decks of the Shermans, dismounted and began to clear the wooded area of German Fallschirmjäger. It was the start of three bitter days of fighting in that area.