GREEN, Carl W. – 4th Armored Division

First Lieutenant Carl Westwood GREEN

C Company, 51st Armored Infantry Battalion, 4th Armored Division.
ASN: O-1011089


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Born: 7 Oct 1913, Presque Isle, Aroostook County, Maine, USA.

Married Theresa Maria Main Green in 1943.

Died: 27 Feb 1974 (aged 60), Westwood, Bergen County, New Jersey, USA.

After the heavy fighting in and around Warnach, Belgium, Combat Command A of the 4th Armored Division slowly advanced further up north, on both sides of the N4 main road to Bastogne.

On December 26, 1944, the same day Combat Command R made contact with the 101st Airborne Division near Assenois, Combat Command A prepared a mission to capture Hill 490 and the nearby village of Hollange.

A platoon of C Company, 51st Armored Infantry Battalion with a platoon of the 35th Tank Battalion (both of the 4th Armored Division) got the task of carrying out this mission. Start of the assault: 0800 hours.

As soon as the combat group reached the road running east from Hollange, a Sherman tank of the 35th Tank Battalion was hit by AT-fire emanating from their right (wooded area just next to the N4 road). Heavy German fire started to fall down and small arms fire started opening up from Hollange itself.

Paratroopers of Fallschirmjäger Regiment 15 of the 5. Fallschirmjäger Division had entrenched themselves in that wooded area, as well as in Hollange itself. They had support from artillery and AT-canons and even Nebelwerfers (of Volks-Werfer-Brigade 18).

The situation got so desperate that an air strike was called in. The planes spotted several gun positions about 600 yards north of Hollange and attacked these positions.

Finally, at 1400 hours, Hill 490 was taken by C Company (51st AIB) and two platoons of Shermans of the 35th Tank Battalion. However, the Germans in Hollange itself still resisted fiercely. In order to break their fighting spirit, at 1420 hours a 10-minute artillery barrage was put on Hollange, as well as tank fire from the Shermans of the 35th Tank Battalion.

Next was Hollange itself. From the northeast, two platoons of C Company (51st AIB) and a platoon of 35th Tank Battalion’s Shermans attacked Hollange. From the south, additional armored infantry and three tanks of the 35th moved towards Hollange. Arriving from the Warnach area, B Company of the 35th Tank Battalion added to the assault from the east. Three of their Shermans were lost to enemy fire emanating from the wooded area on their right as they crossed the N4 road. The enemy gun position was then exterminated.

The northern assault force managed to capture Hollange around 1750 hours. Next to about 300 German prisoners, several guns of both the 408. Volks-Artillerie-Korps and Volks-Werfer-Brigade 18 were either captured or destroyed. The 51st AIB suffered about 26 casualties, A Company/35th Tank Battalion lost 1 Sherman, B Company lost 3.

It was during the assault on Hill 490 and Hollange that (then) First Lieutenant Carl Green earned the Silver Star. It would be his second Silver Star, the first earned near Arracourt, France in October 1944. Thanks to his excellent leadership, his unit managed to capture the hill and the village, Lt. Green being wounded in the process and therefore earning the Purple Heart Medal as well.

Below is a selection of photos I took on my trip to the area (July 9, 2022).

Carl W. Green would survive WWII and serve in the Korean Conflict where he was wounded for a second time. He was also a baseball player.