GEORGES Roger, Lutremange

Testimonies collected in 1993 and 1994 by Patricia Lemaire and Robert Fergloute. Published with permission of Patricia Lemaire.

Testimony of Roger GEORGES, civilian.

The family took refuge in a house between Honville and Sainlez: “Au Vieux Buchi”, where my uncle lived. One day, my father returned to Lutremange to see the state of our house. This was demolished and the animals killed.

The area on a 1943-dated map.

Au Vieux Bouchy today. Google photo 2019.

Papa was arrested by the Americans. He was even bullied. He had hidden German binoculars in the cellar, under the potatoes: the Americans discovered them and claimed that my father had collaborated with the enemy. He was quite annoyed.

As soon as he could, he came back to us and told his story to the whole family, promising himself not to return to Lutremange anytime soon. We returned when everything was calmer. Cannons had been posted all around the house and the casings formed a huge heap that Dad cleared away day after day to make it easier for us to get in and out.

The area on a 1943-dated map.

Spent ammunition pile. Photo as example, taken at the Elsenborn Ridge.