Clochimont area

Jamie Leach:
On the way to Bastogne on Clochimont hill, on the way into Assenois, there was a German anti-tank gun in the woods to the right, menacing the advance. Abrams, who was near the front as usual, called Captain James H. Leach to bring the AT gun under fire. Impatient with Leach’s progress, Abrams maneuvers his own tank into position (and with the best gunner in the battalion) knocks out the German gun with one shot. And if I recall correctly, was recommended for a DSC for the action. He was not the closest tank to the threat either.

When the area was cleared on December 27, 1944, the recovery teams were allowed to retrieve the bodies of the fallen soldiers.

At the same time, US Signal Corps photografers too the opportunity to film and take photos along the Clochimont – Assenois road and the fields along it (among them Don Cody, Ernest Hemingway and Robert Capa). Here is a series of photos (mostly staged) of this area.

With special thanks to Ivan Steenkiste for the additional information.