6th Armored Division

Commanded by

Major General Robert Walker Grow

15th Tank Battalion

68th Tank Battalion

69th Tank Battalion

9th Armored Infantry Battalion

44th Armored Infantry Battalion

50th Armored Infantry Battalion

86th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized)

25th Armored Engineer Battalion

146th Armored Signal Company

6th Armored Division Artillery

128th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

212th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

231st Armored Field Artillery Battalion

6th Armored Division Trains

128th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion

76th Armored Medical Battalion

Military Police Platoon


The majority of this armored division passed through the sector (Habay-la-Neuve towards Clochimont) and was heavily involved in the fighting in the Marvie – Wardin – Arloncourt area. However part of it (Combat Command R) did see action and was also stationed near Cobreville and (later) Assenois (January 1945).