AIM ...


To research the events happening in the sector south of Bastogne during the Ardennes Offensive (December 1944 - January 1945).


Planning and/or participating in projects to keep the memory alive and inform about what happened in those dark winter days.


It was their duty to serve ... it is our duty to remember!

Ardennes Breakthrough Association

The Ardennes Offensive or “Battle of the Bulge” is well known by most people. However its main focus lies on the stand of the 101st Airborne Division at Bastogne or the fate of the infamous Kampgruppe (battlegroup) Peiper in the northern sector.

The Ardennes Breakthrough Association website aims to put the sector south of Bastogne (the general area of Arlon – Martelange – Warnach – Fauvillers – Chaumont – Assenois) more into the spotlight.

It was here that a large part General Patton’s Third US Army launched its counteroffensive against the German forces and relieved the 101st Airborne Division and attached units in Bastogne.

In loving memory of

Brigadier General Albin F. Irzyk,

Former commander of the 8th Tank Battalion,

4th Armored Division.